Monday, January 14, 2013

My Games

My game collection is not the most ginormous, hoarder-like pile of playable things that exist.. Instead it's only of games I like!  Could it stand to grow some? sure!
not pictured/hard to make out: secret of mana (snes), tengen gauntlet (nes), Spiritual warfare (nes) Contra (nes), new super mario bros wii, muramasa: the demon blade, donkey kong country returns, little king's story, twilight princess wii, and uh.. one more that i can't remember atm.
since the psx games are tough to read: here they are from top to bottom:
mega man legends
twisted metal 2
um jammer lammy
jet moto 2
mega man x4
devil dice
bust-a-move 99
rival schools
ff tactics
tales of destiny
silent hill
breath of fire 3
cool boarders 4

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