Thursday, August 9, 2012

new update soon!

Summer is a time when you daydream about being outside.  When you daydream about a whole slew of things that you can't do.  For me, it's working. I just can't get much work done with the kids out of school!

This weekend however, I hope to have some new pics to post. probably a laptop bag or two, a couple containers, and even a 3ds sleeve!*gasp*

I'll leave you now, with this in-progress shot of double kirby's =)


  1. Wow... is it for the August challenge ? It looks really great :D

  2. I haven't checked what the august challenge is.. uh.. should I put it in there? moreover, I've never done one of the challenges, and am afraid of not following guidelines well enough =(. and thanks! =D