Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Free Stuff!

In the next couple months there will be 4 drawings for free schwag!  The last item to be given away will be a container themed around Ico/Shadow of Colossus.  But in order to give them away, I have to start making them right?  So far I have the beginnings of a windmill.  Yup, you read the right... there will be a windmill on the side of it =)  Hows that for showing off your love of Ico in your livingroom!?!
Assuming all goes well, the windmill will actually turn too!

Other items will be a 3ds Okami sleeve, a Vita sleeve (subject so far, undecided) and an organization bin themed around Diablo!

The drawings will be once a week and span the course of about a month, so keep checking back and tell all your friends about it =)

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